Forum Rules

Our main objective is to provide a platform to email marketing services users, professionals and companies to discuss the issues, tips, tricks, technologies, solutions etc…
Our aim is to provide valuable information about smtp products to guests and members that Is only possible with the contribution of members.


Basic Rules

We have simple rules easy to understand and follow.
  • Be polite and Helpful for others
  • Don't spam
  • No hate content
  • Don't post cheap questions (pointless)
  • Don’t use abusive words, sex, fuck, WTF, etc,,,,

If you will follow the rules you will remain part of our community.

Spamming Rules

Any thread/post reply that show promotional links will be consider as "Spam". The forum is smtp and email marketing consumers, experts and providers. Any other companies like real estate; Viagra, health fitness etc… are not allowed to post their products promotions.
Posting single link or question about specific product is also spam.
Don't ask users to click on link of your signature. If someone will actually want they will click to see what they want. If you still want anyone to visit your website send him/her private message and ask to visit your link but in public forums it’s not allowed.
All affiliate links will be considered as spam even in signatures.
Selling email accounts, blogs, blog posts, articles, commenting, seo services, social media marketing, youtube likes etc… are not allowed in the forums.
Don’t try to manipulate our system it will be considered as spam and your account may be suspended due to violation.
Posting direct link of any product, website, blog or article will be considered as spam. You need to properly answer the question and then use ankor text to link the blog, website, product page only if you are allowed to do (you need to have status “Member”).
Any post in any other language other than English will be considered as spam and will be terminated.


Signature Rules                                                                                                                                              

To use signature in the forum you need to become full member means you need to post minimum 50 posts to get status “member” after that you will be eligible to have signature for your posts.
You can use maximum 2 smile icons, 2 colors for text, maximum font size 14px and maximum 1 link in your signature.
No abusive words allowed in signature like sex, f**ck etc….


Picture Rules                                                                                                                                                  

Any member can have profile picture. Your picture should be not more than 1MB in size.
You can’t upload (animals, pets, nude pics) as your profile picture.

Biography Rules                                                                                                                                             

Don’t post any link in your biography; you can’t even mention what you sell or what is price of your product.


Advertisement Rules                                                                                                                                     

Any member can post advertisement threads but only if he/she authorized. Furthermore read below.
Any member who has status “Member” can post advertisement thead once per month. To become “Member” you need to post 50 posts first.
Paid Members and Corporate Members can post 1 advertisement per week.
You can have maximum 2 Links in one advertisement thread/post.
You can use maximum 2 colors in one advertisement thread/post.
You can’t use video or image in advertisement threads/posts.