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Thread: How does email marketing work?

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    How does email marketing work?

    I want to promote my business through email marketing services
    please guide me how email marketing will work and how i can get leads for my business.

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    Read this article it will help you to understand.
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    I used to work for one company that used to promote their services via email. What they did is searching for employees’ emails of the targeted company and just sent them the pdf file with information. It seems simple, but in our case, it didn’t bring the desired results. We had to send approximately 80-100 emails daily, and as a result, we’ve received only 2 replies. In most of the cases, replies were negative, or emails went to spam or simply no one checked them. After our management implanted financial fines for negative answers I decided to quit that job. Recently, I found this blog where Martin Boeddeker discusses how to apply different digital marketing techniques, involving email campaigns.

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