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Thread: which is the best cryptocurrency?

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    which is the best cryptocurrency?

    I need to know which is the best cryptocurrency and how can i invest ?Is their any one who can guide me.

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    XRP is doing great this year it could be nice choice.
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    Well it all depends on utility and use case. There are many coins, many of which I believe will go away in the future because they really have no reason to exist.

    1. Bitcoin the grand daddy of them all = store of value
    2. Bitcoin Cash + Bitcoin fork aiming to fulfill Satoshi's vision of a true peer to peer cash exchange system with increased block sizes.
    3. Monero = Privacy there is a market for this because banks, corporations and wealthy individuals don't want their transactions open for all the world to see.
    4. XRP = Making cross border payments faster and cheaper
    5. Ethereum = Dapps platform

    I would focus on these coins as a new investor.

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    which is the best cryptocurrency

    i have to buy an total security antivirus for my Computer for one year, Which the best?

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