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Thread: How to ensure that my email sent from my mail server does not go to spam?

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    How to ensure that my email sent from my mail server does not go to spam?

    I have managed to send email from my mail server but the email is going to spam. How to ensure that my email sent from my mail server does not go to spam? Are there any issues with dynamic ip that is blacklisted and how to whitelisted it? Do i need to create mx record in my managed dns? Another problem im facing is i cannot receive email from my mail server?

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    Well make sure you have setup properly


    Secondly do test with mail-tester and make sure you get 10/10 results.

    If all is ok next step is to check subject line, and content. Make sure you have no spammy words in subject line and content and no spam or blacklisted domain links.
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